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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is
To have belief in giving your money for, to invest in something you have favor and support
fazygull 05 Jul 2016
Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts
Be careful when suspected people given some gifts unexpectedly, be aware of people who might be lo...
fazygull 31 Mar 2015
Pull Yourself Together
To calm down or settle after bring frustrated or, to control one’s emotions and anger
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Pull All Your Eggs into One Basket
To take all your chances on one plan or idea, to use all your options at one time
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Put the Cart before the Horse
To carry out something in reverse order, to do opposite of something
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Put Your Best Foot Forward
To leave the perfect first impression, to try your best to do something
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Put Your Finger on Something
To be accurate in pointing out something, to precisely recognize or recall something
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Put Your Foot Down
To be rigid, strict and resolute about something, to be unyielding about a certain rule
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Put Your Foot in Your Mouth
To become trouble maker by uttering wrong words at wrong time, to put yourself into problem with y...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
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