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Apple of Your Eye
A thing or a person greatly admired and loved by people
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public
To discuss your personal matters and conflicts publicly specifically when you argue with someone .
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Albatross Around Your Neck
A person or a thing you feel like a burden and you always want to avoid and get rid of, something ...
fazygull 12 Nov 2014
All Ears
To show keen interest in listening someone, be attentive to someone
fazygull 12 Nov 2014
All that Glitters is Not Gold
A thing or a person that seems attractive at very first glance but actually worth nothing
fazygull 12 Nov 2014
All Thumbs
Uncomfortable for doing things, specifically with hands
fazygull 12 Nov 2014
Ants in Your Pants
Intensively restless, extraordinary active
fazygull 12 Nov 2014
As the Crow Flies
Direct and shortest distance among two places, distance estimated in a straight line
fazygull 12 Nov 2014
Asleep at the Switch
Failing to act or respond immediately, not being attentive
fazygull 12 Nov 2014
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