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Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts
Be careful when suspected people given some gifts unexpectedly, be aware of people who might be lo...
fazygull 31 Mar 2015
Bark is Worse than Your Bite
A person or situation that is frightening but actually the actions are not any worse
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Burn Your Bridges behind You
To make unchangeable commitment, to be determined on any decision
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Bury the Hatchet
To end up the war or conflicts and become friends again,
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Bury Your Head in the Sand
To hide from facts and current situations, to ignore the critical situation or danger as if you do...
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Busman's Holiday
To spend free time in same task people do during their working timings
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Busy As a Beaver
Hard working business person
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Butter Someone Up
To praise someone; to flatter someone to attain his/her favor
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Butterflies in the Stomach
Nervous feelings in the stomach, basically caused by anxiety or tension
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
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