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Call You on the Carpet
To scold a person before assigning an authority
fazygull 21 Nov 2014
Calm before the Storm
An unusual peace before any storm or disaster
fazygull 21 Nov 2014
Can't Hit the Side of a Barn
To be unable of hitting the target accurately, to hold horrible plan
fazygull 21 Nov 2014
Call it a Day
To end up the work for a day, to stop work for the time being
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Call the Shots
To take charge, to order, to make the decisions
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Call Your Bluff
To challenge someone to prove his claim; to ask someone to complete a threat
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Can't Get Blood from a Stone
To be unable of doing impossible things,
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Can't Fight City Hall
The under authority person cannot do anything against an administrative system, there is no way to...
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
Can't Hold a Candle To
To be highly inferior, to be substandard in a certain skill
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
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