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Face the Music
To confront the consequences of ones decisions and actions, or to accept the responsibility of one...
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
Famous Last Words
An ironic response to an absurd statement one makes when he or she is not sure of its result
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
Fat Cat
A rich person who enjoys a privileged status in society
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
Feast or Famine
Either you have too much of something or too little of it, something which is surplus sometimes an...
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
Feather in Your Cap
A great achievement or honor which makes one proud
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
Feel Your Oats
To feel energetic, playful or frisky, to be in high spirits and aware of one’s power or energy
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
Feather Your Nest
To be more concerned about making money and enriching oneself than doing any good or caring for ot...
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
Fiddle While Rome Burns
To do nothing or engage you in trivial things knowing that something urgent and critical is happen...
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
Feet of Clay
A hidden flaw in one’s character
fazygull 02 Dec 2014
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