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Gift of Gab
Ability to talk in an interesting and convincing manner; Have an apt of talking
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
Gild the Lily
To embellish or fabricate something that is already pretty and in a good condition
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
Give Me Five
To hit or slap your open hand to greet or rejoice something, as a gesture of sound agreement
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
Give Someone the Shirt off Your Back
To have a big heart, to give generously
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
Give Someone the Third Degree
A long period of inquiry or questioning
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
Give Up the Ghost
Stop trying or give up when you know it is useless and you will not succeed
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
Having positive energy and driving force, in full zeal and zest, enthusiasm
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
Give Your Eyeteeth for Something
Willing to sacrifice something valuable to get something else, desperately wanting something
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
Go Against the Grain
Annoying people by saying or doing something in an unusual way, to arouse anger in someone by goin...
fazygull 13 Dec 2014
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