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heart started pounding
being nervous
akmalchua 21 Jan 2015
Head Honcho
The person who is a leader or is in charge of something, the chief or boss
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Head and Shoulders above Someone
To be superior in something, to be better in quality and talent than others
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Have Your Heart in Your Mouth
To have a feeling of extreme fear, be too afraid of something
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
To have something both ways, to have something in possession and be able to exploit or use it
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Head Over Heels in Love
Too mad in love, to have extreme passion for love
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Head in the Clouds
Someone who is distracted and preoccupied, scatterbrained, lost in thoughts
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Hear a Pin Drop
Soundless, muted, without any noise, complete silence
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Heart of Gold
Having a big heart, generous, of extremely good nature
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
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