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In the Nick of Time
Just on the right time, on the last minute, late but not too late
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
In the Pink
In good health, enjoying sound health emotionally and physically
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
In the Limelight
All eyes on someone, all focus and attention on particular person or thing
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
In the Same Boat
Sharing trouble is in the same unpleasant or worse situation
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
In Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail
Too fast, immediately and at once without any delay
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
It Takes Two to Tango
Needing two people to accomplish something
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
If the Shoe Fits, Wear it
If any comment refers to you, you should accept it
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Ignorance is Bliss
When you are glad, it is better to be unaware of bad things
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
In a Nutshell
To make something clear in few words, to say something briefly and to the point
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
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