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A man who knows to do all kinds of work
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
Jet Set
Representing people of high class, those who travel in a fashionable manner for pleasure
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
Someone who is amateur in any work, place or group, person who has no earlier experience of someth...
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
Jump down Your Throat
To scream and shout at someone in an angry way
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
Jump off the Deep End
To become deeply involved in something without thinking about its end result, to have deep emotion...
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
Jump on the Bandwagon
To show interest to do something because it is popular and everyone seems to be doing it
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
Jump the Gun
To do something a bit earlier or before the time, hasty in doing something
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
Just Deserts
A much deserving punishment, doomed to get punished
fazygull 12 Jan 2015
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