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Rain on Your Parade
Spoiling day of an individual, particularly regarding special plans, instances, performances, cele...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Rain Check
A ticket stub that allows an individual to attend an event on behalf of a canceled one; a paper pi...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Rain or Shine
It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are or whatever happens; whatsoever the conditions or t...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Raise an Eyebrow
Shocking or surprising someone by saying something exceptional or doing something extraordinary; s...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Raining Cats and Dogs
Extremely heavy rain; excessive downpour
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Raise Cain
To be extremely furious or frustrated and grumble with trouble
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Rally Round the Flag
Getting together to express support and backing, particularly during the bad times
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Rat Race
Severe, long-lasting and stressing competition in the society or in business
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Rats Abandoning a Sinking Ship
People who aren’t loyal to something, especially an enterprise and leave it before things get wo...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
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