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Salt of the Earth
Someone who is considered good, upright and noble
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Same Old Song and Dance
Typical absurd lie or excuse used quite often, lame, and silly things that have been stated before
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Saved by the Bell
Saved from trouble or any embarrassing situation at the last moment, just rescued from danger
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Saw Logs
To snuffle, or breathe heavily while having sound sleep
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
School of Hard Knocks
Testing and tough experiences of life that teach you lots of lessons
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Scare as Hen’s Teeth
Something scarce and not found in abundance, a rare thing or non-existent
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Say Cry Uncle
To lay down your arms or surrender, to accept defeat
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Scrape the Bottle of the Barrel
To make use of something from leftover and off cuts. To be left to choose from scrap or residue
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Scratch the Surface
Just begin to get involved in any matter, just bother to deal with things at surface
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
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