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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop
Awaiting for a seemingly inevitable event, waiting for something bad to happen
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Walk on Eggs
To proceed very cautiously, to be in precarious position, to be diplomatic for fear of upsetting s...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Walking on Air
Delighted, feeling exhilarated, elated, ecstatic
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Wash Your Hands of Something
Stop being involved in something, to end involvement with someone or something, stop being respons...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Watched Pot Never Boils
When you are waiting for something but will not happen when you are concentrating,
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Water over the Dam
Events that are unchangeable, past events
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve
Reveal your emotions that are subject to comments, make your feelings obvious rather than hiding t...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Wet Behind the Ears
Young, not experienced, immature
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
Wet Blanket
A depressing person who spoils the fun of other people, a person who spoils enjoyment of others by...
fazygull 28 Jan 2015
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