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Water Under the Bridge

Used to signify a life situation that has already happened and cannot be changed; therefore, one should not worry about it. The analogy to water having passed under the bridge means that there is nothing you can do about it since it's already passed, so no reason to dwell on it. What's done is done.

Stop worrying about that, it's water under the bridge so move on.

  • Water over the dam

The earliest mention of ther term "water under the bridge " found has a French origin from the 1762  "Dictionnaire de l'Académie françoise", meaning the "Dictionary of French Academy".

Notable Use


A 1934 song titled "Water Under The Bridge" by Paul Francis Webster, created by Lew Pollack.


I'm not gonna try to defend, or undo what's been done. All I could say about whatever's been done, it's been done, and it's water under the bridge. I have no regrets of my life.

-Ike Turner

People who have lost relationships often wonder why they can't just let it be water under the bridge. It is water under the bridge - the trouble is we do not live on the bridge but in the river of life with its many twists and turns. 7 up, 3 down Grant

-Fairley quotes


American English



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